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A Work of Art : JB1 is Here

A Work of Art : JB1 is Here


Marysville, OH In collaboration with the winningest wrestler in American history, RUDIS has created a shoe that’s nothing short of a masterpiece. This shoe is inspired by Jordan Burroughs’ dynamic wrestling style and is crafted to adapt to any position. Designed with his signature logo, JB1 is a representation of Jordan’s enduring legacy.

(JB holds the JB1)

The Difference Maker of JB1


Beyond aesthetics, this wrestling shoe is designed for enhanced performance. Dan Richard, JB1’s shoe designer, stated that this shoe is created to support Burroughs’ dynamic movements. 

“JB moves in all directions all the time. So we put tread throughout the entire surface of the outsole.”

To promote faster movement, Dan’s team put extra emphasis on the design of the sole. Knowing JB likes extra room in the shoe to roll from side to side, Dan decreased the amount of rubber used.

JB likes to roll over to the sides of his feet, like the fifth metatarsal over the ball of his foot. So we take away a lot of weight when we take away a lot of rubber. But we also add a lot of traction.”

Decreasing the rubber on the sole reduced the overall weight of the shoe, making it lighter and more flexible. The JB1 also feels flat to the foot. For JB, a flat shoe helps him hit his famous blast double. 

 “I’ve always liked to have a relatively flat shoe, where I could feel the bulk of my toes on the ground. So I could get the maximum kind of explosiveness when I’m pushing off for my takedowns.”

Built with air mesh and synthetic suede upper, the JB1 will also give you a fit that’s airy and comfortable. Due to the use of breathable and durable materials, this shoe will wrap around your foot for that snug, sock-like feel.

Details matter and have been executed to improve the overall performance of the shoe which complements its sleek look. Unparalleled to any design that JB has sported in his historic career, JB1 was created to stay ahead of today’s frenzied wrestling style.


Eyes on Gold

For Jordan, JB1 is more than a wrestling shoe. It’s a part of him and his legacy. 

Either I’m going to go win a championship in them and be carrying a flag behind me, or these are gonna be the shoes that I leave in the center of the mat when I retire”

Over the past decade, Jordan has proven himself as one of the best wrestlers in American  history. A true ambassador, culture driver, history maker, and leader, Jordan Burroughs’ legacy will continue to shine in the JB1 wrestling shoe series.

With this new shoe, young wrestlers will be empowered to create their own legacies. When a wrestler lace up a pair of JB1, they will feel confident, strong and ready for the fight. Built for greatness, JB1 is the perfect weapon for the wrestler that strives for excellence.


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