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Fargo, ND- FARGO is a competition that’s larger than life. The best high school wrestlers from each state gather under the FARGODOME to compete in one of the most elite events in high school wrestling. Coming from all over the country, these young wrestlers put their heart, mind, body, and soul to the test.

RUDIS is also at FARGO with a Pop Up Shop in the Fargo Air Museum. On July 16th, Wrestlers lined up early Saturday morning to purchase Burroughs’ first signature shoe: JB Alpha 2.0- Lady Liberty Edition



The JB Alpha 2.0 – Lady Liberty Edition sale was not the only eye-catching event at Fargo. Burroughs himself also made a surprise visit to Fargo. Man of the people, Burroughs wanted to interact with all that approached him. From the moment he entered the FARGODOME, JB was flooded by fans. For many young wrestlers, this was the first time they had interacted with the wrestling legend. Burroughs generously gave out autographs, took photos, and shook hands with adoring fans.

JB surrounded by excited fans

For Burroughs, moments like these are gold. Beyond wrestling, Burroughs wants to dwell among the people. More than a long list of his accomplishments, JB wants to leave an impact in the hearts of people. No matter the age or wrestling level, Burroughs will shake hands with anyone that wants to see him.  

I’d rather have shaky cheeks and a tired hand from a day full of smiles and autographs, than to go unrecognized. I worked my whole career to be the best wrestler I could possibly be. And the rewards of that lifelong effort aren’t just locked inside a trophy case.”

A true people’s wrestler, Burroughs has the uncanny ability to connect with anyone. While riding on his golf cart, JB stopped to talk to a young wrestler that was upset. She didn’t have the match she intended. Burroughs gave her his own words of wisdom.

One thing I realized through this journey is that losing is part of this process. Sometimes you can do everything right and still not work out for you. But here’s the beautiful thing; who you are today is much stronger than when you first started this journey. The people that care about you, still love you. Don’t let that stop you from thinking that you’re a good wrestler, a good person. You’re growing, you’re learning. This is part of the process.” 

Using his positive influence and wise words, Burroughs was able to inspire and uplift the young woman.


JB chatting with a young wrestler

JB’s impact was felt deeply at FARGO. His presence inspired young wrestlers and uplifted morale. He gave many young wrestlers a glimpse of what it means to be a world-class wrestler and person. More than his signature shoes, Burroughs left a lasting impression at FARGO that will be remembered for many years to come.

Fargo will continue until July 22nd. Learn more about the tournament here

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