Kayla's Champion Mindset

(Kayla Miracle prepares for the 2023 World Championships)


Marysville, OH- In a recent interview, Kayla Miracle opened up about her journey leading up to the highly anticipated World Championships in Belgrade. With insights into her training, mindset, and approach to the sport, Kayla’s responses shed light on the dedication and passion that propel her forward. 


How do you feel about the upcoming World Championships?

As a rising star in the world of wrestling Kayla has “experienced a significant shift” in her training journey. Kayla states, “I initially felt drained and lacking in confidence, I now find myself in the peak phase. I move with confidence, fully ready and excited to step onto the mat. I feel like I’m truly the best version of myself.”


Can you explain your approach to training your mind, body, heart, and soul?

Kayla’s Mind:  “When it comes to my mind, I thrive by immersing myself in challenging scenarios, setting achievable situational goals, and mastering how to win even in unfavorable situations. This boosts my confidence significantly.”

Kayla’s Body: “For my body, I stick to a straightforward regimen focused on becoming stronger, faster, and overall better. Whether it’s hitting the gym, working on the mat, lifting, or reps, I commit to doing whatever it takes.”

Kayla’s Heart and Soul: “As for my heart and soul, wrestling is a core part of who I am. While overtraining or setbacks can momentarily dampen my spirits, events like the World Championships elevate my excitement. Being eager energizes my performance.”


 What changes have you made in your preparation compared to last year?

Last year Kayla suffered injuries after the Pan American Games. Despite being advised surgery, she opted for intensive physical therapy. This year, the circumstances are vastly different. “I’m concentrating on refining every aspect of my game,” says Kayla, “positions, mental outlook, everything. This transformation is possible due to being in good health.”



If you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be?

“This moment, whether it’s a major championship or a regular practice, should never overwhelm you. The magnitude is only what you perceive it to be. I’d remind myself that every wrestling match, no matter the stage, is just six minutes. The key is to have fun and wrestle with passion.”


Who are you when you step onto the mat?

“My aim is to be free. I want to be the best version of myself, and I want to have fun. Wrestling is my passion, and it brings me joy. It’s an artistic outlet, and I embrace it fully. Each position is an opportunity for creativity, and an expression of my identity. Wrestling is an art, so I go out and become an artist. In all of the different positions, I am creative and I let it fly, that’s who I am.”

As the countdown to the World Championships ticks away, Kayla Miracle’s story serves as a motivating reminder of the power of perseverance, determination, and the love for a sport. Kayla is set to make a lasting mark on the global stage, inspiring everyone to embrace challenges and find joy in their pursuit of excellence.



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