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Marysville, OH – Jordan Burroughs is an American hero. As one of the greatest wrestlers in American history, he has achieved some remarkable accomplishments. His legendary career and enduring character has made him a role model and an inspiration to millions.


King on the Mat

JB’s career began when he was five years old. Since then, he has become one of the winningest wrestlers in US history. Beginning in 2011 with his international debut, Jordan has won six world titles (2011, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2021 and 2022) along with his 2012 Olympic gold in London, England. Now with seven gold medals, JB has surpassed the mark set by American legend and 6x world/Olympic champion, John Smith.

In addition to his successes, JB has also faced challenges and persevered through adversity. After suffering an unexpected setback in 2014, Burroughs regained momentum, battling back with a gold medal performance in Las Vegas ‘15. He also earned his second spot on the Olympic team in 2016, only to fall short of making the podium.

More set backs came when Jordan had to settle once again for two successive bronze medals in Budapest ‘18 and Nur-Sultan ‘19. Undaunted, he rallied back, securing two additional, back to back championships at Oslo ‘21 and Belgrade ‘22.


Beyond the Mat

Beyond his tenacious wrestling style, Jordan Burroughs is known for devotion and commitment to his family off the mat. Despite his grueling schedule and demanding lifestyle, Jordan prioritizes time for his wife and children. He values being a father and husband, making sure that his family also gets his best.

In addition to his family, Burroughs also cares about impacting his community through the All I See Is Gold Foundation. He speaks and writes on topics that help promote positivity and healthy lifestyle for people of all ages. His charity work, his commitment to self-improvement and dedication to his family prove that hard work pays off and that success can takes many forms.


A Bright Future

Jordan is a man of deep faith and conviction. He knows that there is no meaningful victory unless there is something significant to lose. Without hesitation, he is all-in in everything he does.

 “I wanted to be the best ever. Wrestling will teach you all the characteristics you need to be a contributor to society, a great man, a great woman. And it’ll help you grow and develop confidence, strength, consistency, persistence, resilience. All of these virtues that are hard to find in some of these other sports.”

His historical quest for gold will begin with the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Until then, Jordan Burroughs will continue to compete in all aspects of life. By constantly pushing himself to excel and lead by example, Burroughs has become a hero, both inside and outside of the sporting world. 

Continually running for the prize of the high-calling, Jordan Burroughs is truly the personification of excellence.



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