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Kyle Snyder Wrestling Camp

Kyle Snyder Wrestling Camp

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PENSACOLA, FL- On June 18th, Kyle Snyder hosted his first ever wrestling camp in Pensacola, Florida. More than one hundred wrestlers showed up at Kyle’s wrestling camp to learn from the Olympic Gold Medalist. Packed into The City of Gulf Breeze Community Center on a humid Saturday, attendees spent five hours practicing various drills.

 Although he has done other camps and clinics, Kyle has always wanted to create a deeper impact on the wrestlers he taught. By teaching at his own wrestling camp, Kyle was able to connect with wrestlers individually.

Kids Practicing at Kyle Snyder Wrestling Series

Attendees spent the day practicing different drills with lessons in between. Kyle believes that having a solid drill is key to success, which is why his camp focused on practice rather than technique. Growing up, Kyle didn’t attend wrestling camps. Instead, he trained with his dad on simple drills and practices. “Technique isn’t really that applicable for kids because if they don’t have a good foundation, they can’t really do the technique you’re showing them.”


The Kyle Snyder Wrestling Series began on June 17th with a Meet & Greet. It ended on Saturday June 18th at 3pm.

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