Kyle's Champion Mindset

(Kyle has his sight on Gold at the 2023 World Championships)

Marysville, OH- Champions emerge not only from their physical prowess but from their unwavering dedication, resilience, and clear sense of purpose. Kyle Snyder, a World Wrestling Champion, exemplifies these qualities and much more.

Kyle opens up about his preparations for the upcoming World Championships, his approach to training his mind, body, heart, and soul, and the profound role his faith plays in his life.


“How do you feel about the upcoming World Championships?”

Kyle Snyder exudes confidence as he answers, “I feel great, perhaps the best I’ve ever felt in my whole career.” This confidence stems from his physical preparation and spiritual grounding. Kyle emphasizes, “Being obedient to God’s plan in every aspect of my life will give me the greatest confidence in knowing that I’m with Him when I’m on the mat.”

It’s clear that for Kyle, wrestling isn’t just a sport; it’s a way to express his faith and commitment to a higher purpose. This holistic approach to his preparation sets him apart as a truly unique athlete.


“Can you explain your approach to training your mind, body, heart, and soul?”

Kyle Snyder’s training regimen extends far beyond the wrestling mat. He mentions, “I train in many ways, constantly pushing myself to refine my technique, and keeping focused on what I want to do when I’m out there on the mat competing.” However, it’s his focus on faith that truly defines his character. He believes this practice “refines my heart and soul, keeping everything in line for me. Pleasing and serving God is my main focus.” It’s evident that wrestling, for Kyle, is a means to align his physical abilities with his spiritual convictions.



 “What changes have you made in your preparation compared to last year?”

Reflecting on changes, he notes, “The biggest difference is having more of a strategy. My biggest challenge was missing from the equation. There was no Russian in my weight. Therefore, no strategy was needed, so I just wrestled hard.” He plans to be more strategic with his shots, setups, and focus on exploiting his opponent’s weaknesses and strengths.


“If you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be?”

Kyle emphasizes the importance of faith and trust. He says, “I would say to continue to realize that God is the One who does the preparation. The most important thing I can do is be faithful to practice my faith each day, to make it my sole ambition to live the way God wants me to.” This sage advice reflects his mature understanding of the interconnectedness of faith and success.


Who are you when you step onto the mat?

Finally, when Kyle Snyder steps onto the mat, he carries with him a profound sense of identity. He states, “I am God’s chosen warrior.” This declaration encapsulates the essence of his journey – a wrestler who competes not just for personal glory but to fulfill a divine purpose.

As we look forward to Kyle’s performance at the World Championships, we see a world-class athlete who exemplifies faith, dedication, and purpose. Kyle Snyder is not just a champion; he’s an inspiration to us all.

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