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St. Ed's Wrestling Team

(St.Ed Wrestling Team)


Lakewood, OHSaint Edward has proven to be one of the best high school programs in all sports, with a rich tradition in winning. We are proud to partner with a nationally recognized wrestling team and provide them with gear that supports their excellence. Recently, RUDIS spent some time with Head Coach, John Heffernan who provided some advice on the custom team gear process.


Q: How important is team unity and identity to St. Ed success?

When the kids wear the same gear, it brings unity and showcases our strive to win. They're really excited to get the RUDIS gear because it’s top of the line gear and the best gear out there right now. It brings the kids together by wearing the same gear, same stuff. No one is better than the other one or in different gear. Everyone's got the same thing on, which makes everybody equal on the team. When our athletes step onto the mat wearing their St. Ed gear, they are not just representing themselves but the entire team and our school's tradition of excellence.


Q: Why did you choose RUDIS for your custom team gear?

We chose RUDIS because of their commitment to quality and their deep understanding of the wrestling community. RUDIS has a reputation for producing premium gear that meets the demands of our sport. From singlets to warm-ups, they offer a wide range of products designed specifically for wrestlers. 

Additionally, RUDIS is deeply ingrained in the wrestling culture and shares our passion for the sport. It's more than just a brand; it's a lifestyle. We wanted our athletes to wear gear that reflects not only their dedication to the sport but also the pride they have in being part of St. Ed wrestling team.


Q: What did you like about the process with RUDIS?

The customer service is unbelievable. It all comes back to wrestlers working with wrestlers, they understand what I need and how to make it happen. The process with RUDIS was seamless and collaborative. We appreciated how RUDIS worked closely with us to customize our gear to match our team's identity and vision. The attention to detail and the ability to incorporate our school's logo and colors into the design was a huge plus. RUDIS made sure the final product met our standards and expectations.


Q: When do you recommend coaches start their team gear process? 

I recommend coaches start the team gear process well in advance of the wrestling season. Planning ahead allows for customization, ensuring that the gear represents the team's identity. It also provides ample time for any adjustments or special requests. The last thing you want is to rush this process. Starting early gives athletes a chance to bond over their new gear and build excitement for the upcoming season.


Q: Have you noticed any positive changes in team morale and performance when wrestlers wear matching custom gear?

Absolutely, we've seen a positive impact on team morale and performance. When our wrestlers put on their matching custom gear, it's a tangible reminder of the commitment they've made to the team and the sport. It creates a sense of unity and pride that extends to the mat. The feeling of representing something greater than themselves gives our athletes an extra edge, boosting their confidence and motivation.


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Thank you, Coach Heffernan, for sharing your insights and experiences. It's clear that the team's identity and custom gear play a significant role in St. Ed's success, and we're proud to be a part of that journey.


Take a page out of Saint Edward’s book & start your team gear order today.


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