Sarah's Champion Mindset

(Sarah is determined to win gold at this year's World Championships)


Marysville, OH- The World Championships in Belgrade is right around the corner. We dived into Sarah Hildebrandt’s thoughts, preparations, and what makes her the remarkable athlete she is.


At this very moment, how do you feel going into the World Championships?

 “Though it is incredibly stressful and has inevitable, low modes, I am grateful to have another opportunity at the World Championships,” says Sarah. She mentions her drive to compete is thanks to her coach, Brad Harper.  “He is a major factor in my success and has always been extremely supportive, from day one. Our strong bond represents a great reminder of what we have been through over a decade, and it is extremely important for me to have that love represented in my corner. It serves as a great reminder and perspective for me that he is the total package. He taught me how to bring out the fun-loving competitor in myself, as I chased my dreams, from youth wrestling to the Olympics. Coach Harper has my total interest at heart. As a direct result of that, I am really excited to get out there and scrap.”


How are you training your mind, body, heart, and soul?

“I am maintaining an awareness of my daily actions, finding gratitude therein, and enhancing reflections that bring me to the present moments. I am serving myself, the people, and the environment around me. I am staying in a state of awareness, in addition to rendering grateful prayers, which fuel the whole concept of mind, body, heart, and soul that wrestling demands and enhances. Finding stillness throughout the day, opposite of constant wrestling, is helping me achieve a balance which is creating opportunities to truly enjoy myself.”


What are you doing differently this year to prepare for the World Championships than last year?

Sarah describes her preparation as radically different from last year’s. Sarah faced “difficulties just getting through a complete workout.” “I eventually began enjoying time on the mat, becoming curious and creative, analyzing new situations on the mat,” says Sarah,  “I placed a priority around developing a playful balance in daily life, besides just solely training. The mere simplicity is making the journey extra-special.”


What advice would you have given your younger self to prepare for this moment?

“From a veteran’s perspective, each World Championship is remarkably different. I would say, don’t waste your superpower taking yourself so seriously. Doing so will keep you from freezing up and falling prey to the propensity to over-exert in every movement or thought process. It will also help you utilize the freedom to acquire that delicate balance between playfulness and seriousness.”


Who are you on the mat?

For Sarah to feel like the best-version of herself, she achieves  “a ‘flow-state,’ that’s a good place while competing. I am the most-confident, and the most-empowered, representing values that are incredibly important to me. I am totally-immersed in the moment, free from chasing external things.” “It’s addicting,” says Sarah, “I just love this woman that is on the mat. I want to be her, ‘off the mat,’ although she is more elusive outside of that realm. I am confident and empowered, reflecting back on those moments, on demand. It becomes an incredible teaching tool, an ever-present guide to replicating that desired-space in all areas of my life. Competing brings out a mindset that is simply magical, an aspect that continually guides me to fresh inspiration.”

Sarah Hildebrandt is an incredible athlete who combines passion, gratitude, and a playful spirit with her wrestling spirit. As she heads into the World Championships, we are inspired by her words and dedication, and have great expectations of a gold medal performance.



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