A young and ambitious competitor, Kennedy’s path toward greatness has only just begun.  RUDIS is proud to be a part of Kennedy’s limitless journey and look forward to working together to uplift the sport of women’s wrestling.

    Kennedy Blades is a world-renowned, American female wrestler. She has won multiple national and international titles, including Jr. World Champion. She also was runner up in the Olympic Trials as a 17 year old. Kennedy was the first female to win a state title in Illinois, and was a Wyoming Seminary graduate in high school. She is currently competing at Arizona State and is currently ranked in the top five in the nation.


    Kennedy is an excellent role model for girls in the wrestling community. She is committed to bringing more attention and awareness believing that wrestling-outreach opportunities will provide inspiration for the next generation of young girl wrestlers, the kind that can potentially change a girl’s life.

  • CHAMpion mindset

    With her drive, determination, and passion for wrestling, Kennedy is sure to make a huge impact in the sport.