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KS Turbine Youth Wrestling Shoes - Poison Blue

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Color: Poison Blue


Product Overview

Designed with insights from Kyle Snyder, the KS Turbine is intended for heavyweights who leverage power and strength in their wrestling style. The asymmetrical Turbine Wrap is designed to support the ankle through dynamic motions as the wrestler moves across the mat. The outsole addresses multiple zones of contact with unique geometry designed to increase grip and traction.

Product Story

"I'm after perfection. I'll do anything for the 1% improvement. The Turbine gives me that edge, straight out of the box" - Kyle Snyder

Powerful, Strong, and Humble. These are the words that describe Kyle Snyder. Designed for the dynamic motions of wrestling, the KS Turbine Wrestling Shoe is crafted with those same qualities in mind. The unique Turbine Wrap is an asymmetrical ankle strap that strengthens the ankle as the wrestler moves across the mat. The additional new outsole also gives extra traction. With these perfected details, it's no wonder that the KS Turbine wrestling shoe was Kyle's chosen armor during his Gold medal match at the 2022 World Championships.


  • Engineered Mesh throughout the entire shoe provides breathability where needed and support where necessary. The open-mesh weave facilitates air-flow and allows for heat and moisture to escape.
  • PU Footbed Liner provides excellent shock absorption while maintaining a low profile and close-to-the-mat feel
  • Split Sole Outsole reduces weight while maintaining superior traction. Strategically located rubber sidewall wraps maintain grip when the foot is at extreme angles
  • Stippled Outsole provides multi-directional traction from any direction Combinations of forward sideways and reverse directional lugs creates extraordinary traction capabilities
  • Tongue Gusset is an ergonomic and narrow tongue design that prevents bunching while the internal flexible gusset keeps the tongue aligned in in the proper position. The RUDIS lace garage covers up any loose ends that might hang free or get in the way.
KS Turbine Youth Wrestling Shoes - Poison Blue

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