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Ninety-5 Classic Adult Wrestling Shoe - Spur

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Color: Spur

Product Overview

Travel back in time and relive the glory days of past legends with the RUDIS Ninety-5 Wrestling Shoe. Inspired by the retro styles of the nineties, this wrestling shoe is a nod to legends of the past decade. Crafted with a dual-pod outsole for superior mat traction and a synthetic suede upper, the RUDIS Ninety-5 will break-in quickly.

Product Story

We believe wrestling shoes should feel like an extension of the body. All RUDIS Wrestling shoes are designed for peak performance.


  • Outsole Drive Points provides grip and support through key areas of contact with the mat while the articulating rubber design enhances traction through a wide range of angles
  • PU Footbed Liner provides excellent shock absorption while maintaining a low profile and close-to-the-mat feel
  • Padded Flexible Collar design enhances fit and comfort while remaining flexible and supportive through a wide range of motion
  • Split Sole Outsole reduces weight while maintaining superior traction Strategically located rubber sidewall wraps maintain grip when the foot is at extreme angles
  • Suede Upper combines durability and flexibility through the use of lightweight materials that support and move with the foot
  • Tongue Gusset is an ergonomic and narrow tongue design that prevents bunching while the internal flexible gusset keeps the tongue aligned in in the proper position. The RUDIS lace garage covers up any loose ends that might hang free or get in the way.
Ninety-5 Classic Adult Wrestling Shoe - Spur

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