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The Dynamic Duo – Blades Sisters

The Dynamic Duo – Blades Sisters

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Marysville, OH Dubbed the “Williams sisters” of female wrestling, Kennedy and Korina Blades are quickly becoming household names. Kennedy made her mark as the first female wrestler to win an IKWF Senior Division State Title and Korina became a cadet world champion and a junior world bronze medalist. Both wrestlers are exceptionally talented and are looking to make the 2024 Olympic team.  

 From the very beginning, the Blades duo exhibited exceptional physical gifts at a young age. Both siblings showed a penchant for the sport of jiu-jitsu and developed exceptional mental focus. This foundation later became a natural stepping-stone to wrestling.

Growing up in Chicago and training at the best clubs in the state, Kennedy and Korina relied on a combination of natural athleticism, deep faith in God, and hard work to get to their current heights. The Blades sisters have an acute competitive spirit which perpetuates a sense of accountability. Their technical superiority is evident in their respective matches.

Both Korina and Kennedy train with Izzy Martinez to challenge their physical and mental limits. Instead of conditioning, they focus more on improving technical skill sets. The sisters also perform an intensive training regimen which consists of two-and-a-half hours per day, six days a week. They also consume a carb-light, protein-rich diet to keep them in fighting form.

Kennedy and Korina are shining examples of how hard work and dedication can pay dividends. They show us that with dedication, discipline, technique, and a supportive system, anything is possible – at any age. More importantly, they show what sisterhood and a strong sense of faith can do to contribute to a successful Olympic bid. We wish these two Olympic hopefuls all the best as they continue their journey to the top.

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