Amit's Champion Mindset

(Amit Elor has her eyes set on gold at the 2023 World Championships)

Marysville, OH- Amit Elor radiates an aura of excitement, focus, and determination approaching the upcoming World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia. She’s ready to author her own legacy and claim the coveted world gold.

In a recent interview, she shared insights into her preparation, giving us a glimpse into the mindset of a true champion.


At this very moment, how do you feel going into the World Championships?

Amit’s enthusiasm fills the air. “I am feeling excited, dialed in, and focused. Each day, I am training hard and staying disciplined. I am ready for my shot at winning another world gold,” says Amit. Amit is driven by her unrelenting passion for the sport and the pursuit of excellence.

But her preparation extends far beyond the physical realm.



How are you training your MIND?

Amit is dedicated to mentally rehearsing her moves and strategies.  “I am training my mind by reviewing matches and visualizing the execution of my techniques,” says Amit. She recognizes that mental preparation is just as crucial as physical training. It’s a true testament to her commitment to honing every aspect of her performance.


How are you training your BODY?

Amit is conscientious towards her body’s needs, with a focus on recovery.  “The rigors of training require a balanced approach,” says Amit, “I am being disciplined with my training schedule, wrestling almost every day, lifting to maintain my strength – making sure to take recovery periods to avoid overtraining. My health is vital to my performance.” Amit showcases her understanding that peak physical condition is a continuous journey.


How are you training your HEART?

The emotional aspect of sports often propels athletes to their best. Amit connects to her supporters by “reminding myself of why I do what I do, remembering all of the people that helped me. I want to win, not just for myself, but for all of them.” Her intrinsic motivation to make them proud infuses her performances with unparalleled heart and determination.


How are you training your SOUL?

Amid the rigorous training and intense competitions, Amit understands to “have fun throughout the process, to laugh, be silly, and to not stress over things too much. Wrestling is difficult, but should also be enjoyable.” She’s balancing the seriousness with moments of joy ensures her soul stays connected to the sport’s essence.



What are you doing differently this year to prepare for the World Championships?

Experience is a valuable teacher. Amit’s previous world championship journeys have equipped her with invaluable lessons and insights. “I have the knowledge and the experience of competing at three world championships, which is really helping to guide me through the process again,” says Amit. “The mental and physical preparation seems more familiar, having gone through it last year.”


What advice would you have given your younger self to prepare for this moment?

“Being stressed won’t help you be prepared for the World Championship. You must be disciplined and believe in yourself. If you do everything in your power to be ready, and it’s not enough? You’ll learn, get better, come back and WIN. And make sure to have fun along the way.”


Who are you on the mat?

Amit’s on-mat persona reflects her tactical prowess and aggressive nature, “I can be a lot of things on the mat. Mainly I am a python,” says Amit. “I like to stalk my opponents and take them to the zone, I like to hand fight and grab my opponents. I don’t like a lot of space, I like to get close to my opponents; I can control my attacks from there.” Her comparison to a python, stealthily engaging and ensnaring opponents, unveils the strategic brilliance she brings to her bouts.


What Was Your Experience at The U20 Championships?

Going into the U20 Championships, Amit’s team caught food poisoning two days before the competition. “Though I won, it was one of the most difficult competitions I’ve done,” Amit reflects, “I felt weak. Yet, I pushed myself to still go out there and wrestle. My perseverance taught me a lot about myself.”

Amit’s triumph in the face of adversity at the U20 Championships underscored her unbreakable spirit. This experience solidified her belief in her capabilities and the power of pushing beyond self-imposed limits.

Amit Elor’s journey encapsulates the essence of a champion’s mindset – dedication, resilience, and a deep connection to the sport. As she steps onto the mat at the World Championships in Serbia, she carries with her not just physical strength, but the strength of her mind, heart, and soul. In her story, we find inspiration to push our boundaries, believe in ourselves, and embrace the joy in our endeavors.





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